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Design-Build in Florida and Virginia

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Berriz Design is proud to serve the Northern Virginia and Metro D.C. area as well as South Florida, though the two regions couldn’t be more different architecturally! Doing design-build and remodeling in both historically rich parts of the country gives us a breadth of experience with different home styles, building materials, and approaches to design. […]

Decked Out in Cool Shades

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In order to get the most out of your deck, patio, porch, cabana, gazebo—any custom outdoor structure—during the hottest months, you’ve got to make sure you’ve built enough shade into the space. Luckily there are plenty of ways to add shady spots throughout your outdoor landscape. Consider these options when you’re sharing your vision for outdoor living with your landscape designer.

Privacy Fences: Function and Fashion

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As their name suggests, privacy fences are built to serve a purpose. You want them to shield your outdoor activities from your neighbors’ eyes and keep your neighbors’ activities from intruding on your view. Because of this dedicated purpose, privacy fences are traditionally built in one of a few styles. But new trends in fencing […]

Hot Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

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Make a deal with your family and friends this summer: commit to enjoying the beautiful outdoors as often as you can! A custom outdoor kitchen can help you stay outside longer—and love it more!    

Ideal Outdoor Party Space

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It’s time. The deck is built, the patio’s done, the pool is at the perfect temperature, and you’ve got the furniture arranged. There’s nothing left to do but throw a party!    

Modern Deck Design

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As mid-century modern style continues its upswing in popularity, we’ve found more and more clients are asking for modern decks. How do you achieve a deck look that’s sleek and straight while creating a space that’s inviting and warm? We have a few ideas.      

Proper Paths: Outdoor Walkways that Work

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Outdoor walkways do more than just lead from one area to another. Well-designed pathways create transitions between spaces, draw the eye to points of interest, and add beauty to your landscaping. And you’ll add another dimension to your outdoor spaces when you add custom lighting to your walkways.    

Big-League Basements: Floors, Ceilings, and HVAC

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You’ve probably been in a finished basement that looks and feels like a basement. And you’ve likely seen finished basements that look like cozy, top-level rooms while surrounding you in warmth. What makes the difference? One of the most effective ways to make your finished basement as livable and lovable as the rest of your […]

Create a Relaxing, Luxurious Bathroom

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The bathroom is a necessity, but this doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. If you want to create a peaceful, comfortable environment anywhere in your home, the bathroom is as good as any space!    

Adding an Apartment to Your Home: Best Practices

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At Berriz Design, we get many requests from clients who want to build an apartment, either inside their existing home, or as an addition or detached unit. Often they have an older relative moving in who needs living space. There are many important factors to consider when adding an apartment to your home. Here are […]

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