Bathroom Remodeling for Medical Issues If you are having some medical issues that make bath time more of a struggle, than any type of relaxation, you might want to consider Miami bathroom remodeling. If you are worried that remodeling your home based on your medical needs might make it less marketable in the future — put that worry to rest, right now. Any type of upgrade you do to your home is only going to increase its value. You do not have to do go Miami bathroom remodeling in such a way as to make it so that only people with your medical issues will find it convenient. On the contrary; most people will appreciate the elegance and functionality of your new bathroom. For some people, the bathtub simply needs a bar installed. That is easy enough, but what if your condition gets worse? You may need more than a bar on your tub wall. You probably are not very excited about simply leaving a plastic stool in your tub, either, so explore more options. You might consider a stand-alone shower. These are very convenient for people who have difficulty getting in and out of a tub. They also come with seats installed, if that is the way you want them, so you do not have to have the extra chair inside them. As an added bonus, the stand-up shower leaves more room in the bathroom, so that you can easily maneuver using a walker or a wheelchair, if that is ever necessary. Naturally, they can also come with bars installed for added support, or you can have them installed separately.

You've out done yourself once again! We are so please with our new front and side walkways and patio, and the new landscaping and exterior lighting. The hardscape/landscape designs are both incredibly beautiful and functional. You clearly understood (even better than we did!) what was needed to create an inviting space to welcome our guests and for us to use and enjoy.