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sink2-200x300If you want the ultimate in bathroom design, make sure to invest in a cool follow url bathroom sink. Plain white porcelain is a thing of the past; today’s sinks come in a wide variety of wonderful colors.

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The source link bathroom sink has come a long way from being a plain white china bowl. Today’s sinks are available in a wide range of materials, all designed to give you the cool look you’re after.

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Stainless steel, copper and bronze are just three of the metal finishes you can find for a sinks today. Metal sinks come in undermount, buy imitrex injection online drop in, vessel and free standing varieties, all designed to give your Metro D.C. bathroom a unique look. If you like the idea of metal, but not the upkeep, consider getting a porcelain sink painted in a metallic finish.

source link Resin

One of the hottest materials for bathroom sinks today is resin. Molded into an integral sink and countertop, resin sinks come in a wide variety of colors. In fact, companies such as Neo Metro can produce a resin sink in any pantone color. Just supply the number and you’ll have a sink to rival the one that Brad Pitt bought from this company.

get link Ceramic

Forget the plain white sink; companies like Marzi elevate the bathroom sink to a new level. Hand painted in any color, pattern or design and available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, pottery sinks can complement any bathroom design.


Do you have a rustic bathroom design filled with slate or tumbled marble? Consider getting a rustic stone sink to match. Varieties include sinks carved out of a single boulder like the natural sinks from Stone Forest.

Particularly Cool Bathroom Sinks

If you want the most cutting edge, unique or interesting bathroom sink available, consider any of the following choices.

Blown Glass

Gravity Glas sinks are made by hand and no two are exactly alike. The shapes are unique, the colors vivid and each sink is a work of art. Consider setting two of them side by side on a double vanity to showcase the subtle variations in each artistically hand blow piece.

To Match Your Tile

For the most cohesive bathroom design available, consider a custom sink from Pratt & Larson to match your tile. Hand painted in the same colors as their decorative tiles and borders, each Pratt & Larson sink is a true work of art.


Neo Metro’s leather and stainless steel sinks transform your bathroom into a showplace. Complete the look with a matching toilet and some leather look tiles for the ultimate modern bath.

Free Form

Forget classic round or square shapes, Stone Forest’s bronze Papillion sink is an irregularly shaped vessel that looks as though it’s been blown by the wind. Sit this sink on a simple wooden vanity top and let it take center stage.

Showing off a Specialty Sink

If you’re planning on investing in a unique bathroom sink, make sure it takes center stage in your Metro D.C. bathroom design. Use good bathroom lighting above the vanity and simple counters to avoid competing with the sink itself. Whenever possible, pick up an element of the sink, such as a color or design detail elsewhere in the bathroom. This will help to unify the look, showing off your sink without completion. Your Metro D.C. remodeling contractor will know how to best integrate a unique sink to create a cohesive look to your bathroom.

Ordering Sinks

Nearly all cool bathroom sinks are made to order. Remember to allow plenty of time for your sink to arrive, up to 10 – 12 weeks in some cases. While this may seem like a while to wait, your new sink is sure to be worth it.

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