The Little Sink That Could

micro-sink-300x225One of the latest trends in bathroom design is the Comprare Diflucan Senza Ricetta bath micro sink. Though it seems a bit odd, this new fixture can be very useful in smaller Northern Virginia bathrooms or in bathrooms where several people need to share the facilities. These sinks are used in kitchens, laundry rooms, and other areas of the home as well. Consult your Northern Virginia remodeling contractor about whether or not a micro sink is the right choice for your Vermox Ricetta Andalusa bathroom remodeling project.

Space Considerations

A micro sink is about the size of a three-ring binder lying flat.  These sinks require very little in the way of plumbing. You should be able to run one small pipe to the sink and allow it to connect to any other water supply in the room. The follow link micro sink is especially attractive if you do not have the space available to put in new cabinets. You can sit the micro sink on any surface, including crates or other removable storage.

Built-in Accessories

Because the sinks are designed for people to use without the convenience of other bathroom supplies, they often come with soap holders or dispensers on them. You may even find a Acquistare Restylane Vital micro sink with a rack on the side. These features allow you to put extra toiletry items there for easy use. The micro sink in the Northern Virginia bathroom can be placed next to a mirror for ease of use.

Benefits of a Bath Micro Sink

The primary purpose of a micro sink is to allow for an extra person to get ready with very little space. While two-sink bathrooms are very popular, particularly in master bathroom suites, already-built homes may not have the space needed to make adding another entire sink unit, even with a pedestal, a possibility. Instead the micro sink permits you to make space for a second adult – or teen! – to get ready in a bathroom without making any major changes.

A micro sink also allows you to add a great feature without a lot of work in terms of re-running plumbing lines. Often adding a second sink means tearing out the backsplash or drywall, which can become a monstrous chore, but the micro sink can connect easily to existing plumbing lines.

Half-Bath Ideas

You also can have a micro sink in a half-bath where you have little room. In a half-bath, you will not need to store anything except an extra hand towel and toilet paper. You can use a small decorative basket for these storage needs and then put a micro sink in the room. You can add this bathroom for very little square footage, and it will increase the value of your Northern Virginia home. This type of sink also works with a half-wall bathroom set-up because you can put the sink along the wall or beside it.

Handicapped Ease

Micro sinks also work well for handicapped people who need to use a restroom. People in wheelchairs often need to be able to access the sink without the bulk of the cabinets underneath, and a micro sink provides the perfect opportunity for this set up.

What to Look for in a Micro Sink


The key will be finding a good price for a micro sink above all else. Work to find the lowest prices you can by scouring the Internet, wholesalers, and Northern Virginia home improvement stores. Since these sinks are new and trendy, though, they tend to be on the more expensive side.


Also check for a shape that will work in the space you have. Measure your space now so that you can compare it to the options available. As the micro sinks are so small and are intended for tight spaces, you will find that they come in unique sizes. While a triangular sink will work for some people, it may not for you. Check out these issues before you buy and install.


Overall, though, you will be looking for a design that matches the décor that you have going in your Northern Virginia bathroom. A micro sink is meant to be an add-on, not the main focus, so the sink you will be most happy with is the one that blends.

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