Metro D.C. Landscaping Ideas Using Stone For Sculpting a Stunning Design

here garden-300x199There are lots of different backyard landscaping ideas that can make a Metro D.C. backyard pop to life. One of the best ideas in landscaping design is to use stone to add structure and style to an otherwise dull space. Stone is a great medium because it comes in a wide variety of textures and colors. And one of these varieties will fit the bill in your own landscape design.

here here Stone Furniture One of the least considered elements in backyard design is the use of stone furniture, which is often perfect for gardens and yards with ample space. The beauty of furniture created from stone is that it can hold up to the weather and they don’t break as easily as other types of furniture will.

watch Some of the most common mediums are Granite and marble, though some stone furniture designs are mixed media with other earthy elements such as metal or glass. go here Stone Walls Using stone as a dividing wall or retaining wall is a very simple design element that allows you to separate your yard into specific areas. The walls can be used to divide portions of ground that are higher or lower than each other. They can even double as low benches and seating around a barbecue area.

The types of stone used for building walls are usually slate, river stones and limestone. Though other flat varieties can easily be used for walls as well.

purchase benicar online Stone Walkways

Flat stones are an excellent choice for creating Metro D.C. stone walkways that can define a space or direct traffic though sensitive vegetation. Consider using walkways as a means to break up large expanses of grass or protect visitors from stepping in soggy dirt or mud. Walkways can also include stairs since flat stone such as flagstone or lime stone can be stacked in such a manner to build up steps.

enter site Water Features And Other Items

There are numerous stone elements that can spark many backyard landscaping ideas. For instance consider building arbors and trellises from stone and cover them with climbing plants. Or perhaps build a beautiful water feature from stone that serves as a focal piece for your backyard design. The types of stone useful for building arbors and trellises are varied from simple concrete structures with a rough finish for the creeping plants, to complex water features made from granite or marble.

For more ideas on how to encorporate stone into your landscape design, contact your local Metro D.C. remodeling contractor that offers exterior remodeling, landscaping or stonework services.

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