Metro D.C. Swimming Pool Trends You Can Rely On

Priligy Where To Buy Singapore pools-300x199If you are lucky enough to already have a pool on your property, why not revitalize it by adding a few modern features? On the other hand, if you have budgeted to afford the installation of an in-ground pool, consider some of the latest enhancements to your design. By including interesting characteristics, such as fiber optic lighting or a water fountain, you can increase the resale value of your property. Plus, in the meantime, you and your family get to enjoy it all. buy over the counter zofran Saltwater Pools

Order Nexium Samples Online The use of saltwater, instead of freshwater, in a swimming pool has been around for a long time, only now becoming more popular. Homeowners like salt water pools for the natural factor – there are no chemicals added to the water. The pool is filled with freshwater, a special salt cell system is used and salt is added to the water. As the salt dissolves and the water runs through the cell, the salt molecule is split into chlorine and sodium. The result is clean water that will not burn eyes, discolor hair or stain fabric. When the pool is drained, there are no harmful chemicals released into the environment; in fact, the water can even be safely drunk. The start up costs are a little higher, but the maintenance costs are much less than traditional freshwater pools.

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For those who are constructing a brand new pool on their Metro D.C. property, consider a beach style entry. Despite the name, this type of pool entry does not include sand. It refers to a gradual sloping walkway into the pool. With each step the swimmer moves deeper into the water. This is a great feature for those who find entering a pool troublesome, such as the elderly or physically disabled. Families with young children will also appreciate a beach entry to the pool as they can gently walk into the water holding an adult’s hand instead of being carried down a ladder or steps.

Kamagra Online Review Water Fountains

Fountains and rock waterfalls that feed into your Metro D.C. pool are a great way to ambiance to the pool area. There are several other benefits as well. The gentle sound of running water creates a sound barrier, which will in turn give you some privacy in the pool. Conversations are not as easily overheard by nosy neighbors. The constant flow of water through a fountain or waterfall into your pool also helps to keep the water clean. The water is constantly moving, preventing stagnant areas from developing. These water features can be very simple or very elaborate. If you have an existing pool, a fountain or waterfall can be added depending on the size and shape of your pool. Contact a professional Metro D.C. remodeling contractor that specializes in high-end remodeling to see if they offer services in swimming pool remodeling and water fountain installation.

go Lighting

The technology enabling Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lighting has been around for over a century, but its practical use was not discovered until 2006. Since then, the LED market has exploded with these long lasting, durable light sources being used in almost any application – including the swimming pool. They are great for pool lighting simple because of their long life but also because they do not produce a lot of heat. Fiber Optic pool lighting is the most cutting edge light feature to hit the market. The effect is incredible with fiber optics. There are a multitude of colors to choose from, even color changing fiber optics that rotate through a set pattern.

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No, not lawn edging or hedge edging- swimming pool edging! Many resorts and high-end hotels have opted for an infinity edge pool, and now the feature is becoming increasingly appealing to families designing their own pool. The infinity edge is constructed so that water flows over the side of the pool and is caught in a basin, much like a moat. The water is re-circulated through the pool, which in turn aids in keeping the water clean.

tadacip india Specialty Features

This is a fairly broad category. As homeowners look for more bang for their buck they want their special needs met. For example, they may request a pool be constructed in a non-traditional shape in order to fit a certain area of the property. Or perhaps, the use of high-end glass tiles will be requested. Glass tiles are available in many colors and effects, all of which create a highly customized look to the pool. Pool decks are another area where special features care being asked for. For families with children, fences and locking gates are a popular demand. These safety features no longer need to be the mundane chain-link fence that ruins the look of the whole pool area. There are now opportunities to have nicely stylized wrought iron fences and gates, or beautiful custom wood barriers.

The world of residential swimming pools is so much more now than it was in the 1960′s, when the trend of privatized pools began. Chlorine treated water is no longer the only choice, lighting is far more dramatic and water features aren’t’ just for celebrities homes anymore. If you are considering an upgrade to your existing pool or want to put in a new one, take a look at all the new trends. There is a lot to choose from.

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