How To Breathe Life Into Your Old and Tired Bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house, and chances are, it could use a breath of new life. If you are looking for bathroom remodeling in Northern Virginia, Berriz Design can create the ultimate luxury bathroom for your home.

When you create your new bathroom, you may want to recreate the spa experience, which can be easily accomplished through the strategic use of calming tile and paint colors, as well as soft lighting concepts. These ambient design touches will give your bathroom a relaxing feel that allows you to unwind with ease. Remove that old, plain tub and install a corner whirlpool spa tub that provides enough room for you to stretch out and truly enjoy every bath. Separate showers allow for a quick and invigorating start to every work day. A dual vanity means that you and your partner can get ready for work, or an evening out at the same time, eliminating arguments over access to the bathroom.

You can get creative with your bathroom concept by mixing up the different types of tiles and stone you use for walls and floors. Luxurious touches like flat-screen televisions will add fun and flair to your long baths, giving you the chance to catch up on a favorite TV show while you soak. When you think about your new bathroom, imagine all of the comforts you want to add to make it a luxurious escape from the outside world, and remember that, when it comes to bathroom remodeling in Northern Virginia, Berriz Design can create the spa look and feel you are hoping for.

Berriz Design was not the least expensive quote we received, but it offered far and way the best value for our money. We got so much more than a cabana...we got a new outdoor way of life. Bob functioned like our partner, not just our contractor.

Barry L. – Warrenton, VA

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