Make an Impression: Luxury Entrances

A grand entrance makes a statement. Have you thought about what kind of impression you want your front door to make?

Glorious Glass Doors

A front entry with lots of glass elements brings light into your home and can suit any type of décor—modern, traditional, rustic, country, and more. Transoms (glass above the door) and sidelites (glass on either side of the door) have nearly unlimited design potential. Transoms can be done in half-circle, elliptical, rectangle, or even triangle shape, with interior panes or leaded glass designs. Sidelites can be as wide or as narrow as you wish (or as your space allows), with a wide variety of pane options. A French door or door with a full glass panel can add increased drama and light. And if you want the look of a glass door but also desire privacy, there are a number of glass options to choose from, with obscured glass available in a wide range of shades, textures, and degrees of opacity. For added character, stained glass panels can be designed to suit nearly any taste, from Victorian to Craftsman to Mid-Century Modern.

Good Wood

A fine, solid hardwood door doesn’t need much adornment to look impressive. However, textures, carvings, and ornamental hardware can truly set your entrance apart from the others in your neighborhood. Wood doors are traditionally done in panels, though wide-plank styles are becoming more popular.

The Drama of Arches

An arched entrance works just as well on a smaller home as it does on a palatial estate. An arched panel or transom can top a rectangular door, or you can match a rounded-top door with your arched entry. Arched doorways are particularly suited to Mediterranean style architecture—arched double doors suggest an entry into a grand manor or opulent tiled courtyard.

Metal Mania

Ironwork makes a strong accent on rustic southwestern or Mediterranean-style doors, lending a solid, been-there-forever feel to your home’s entrance. But other metallic materials can produce different looks. Homeowners seeking a clean, modern entrance are using brushed aluminum and nickel hardware for sleek, understated appeal.

Columns and Porticos

A columned portico makes a truly striking entrance for a traditional or colonial style home, as seen in many of our Northern Virginia remodeling projects. A portico entrance can be large and imposing or minimal and merely decorative. But at Berriz, we think that if you’re going to build a portico, go all the way! A portico sends a very welcoming message to guests and becomes an extension of your home’s warmth. It provides shelter from rain, snow, or sun, and also makes an ideal place for potted plants or other décor with which you wish to personalize your home.

Get a Custom-Designed Entrance

Whether you are doing a full exterior remodel or simply wish to refresh your home’s curb appeal, contact Berriz Design for a custom design you’ll love.
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