Remodel Tips for the Guest Room Remodel Tips for the Guest Room If you have a spare room in your house, you might consider turning it into a guest room, but are unsure of what a guest room should include. Can you just paint the room, put a bedroom set in there, and call it done? Not if you want to make your guests feel right at home. If you want to make a guest room a place  where your guests feel at home, it takes a bit more effort, as well as a bathroom. Northern Virgina bathroom remodeling may be the most important part of creating a guest room. If you get up in the middle of the night, do you want to chance having your friends seeing you as you make a nightly trip to the bathroom? If so, you have to dress appropriately for bed, instead of comfortably. Your guests feel the same way.

Because you never know for what reasons your guests are coming, the guest room should be ready for anything. Make sure there are open drawers and hangers for their clothes, as well as access to the Internet and television. The bathroom should be set up for guests, as well.

Your Northern Virginia bathroom remodeling project should include a tub, as well as a shower, so your guests can take their pick. You might also want to include handicap bars for safety. While you may not need to include a lot of storage space, make sure you have hooks and shelves on which they can keep necessary items while they visit.

We really love our veranda and patio fire pit, and have received compliments on these from everyone that visits us. The design is absolutely perfect for our yard and now we have a fantastic place for entertaining outdoors.

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