Smart and Safe Pool Design

At Berriz, we’ve made a name for ourselves by designing and building stunning swimming pools. When we work with a client on pool design, we put a lot of effort into creating a lush, resort-like atmosphere that can be enjoyed every day with ease. But behind the tile samples, deck stain choices, waterfall placement, and flagstone walkways, there is a very important element being designed into every swimming pool: safety.

Stylish and Safe: Pools for Today

Pool safety is your responsibility once your pool is done and your family and guests are using it. But safety starts with proper pool design. Our pool designers and builders have found that the recommendations put forth by The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals regarding “layers of safety” are the most proven and effective practices for building safety into our pools. The concept includes:
  • follow link Fencing – We install custom fences around our pools. They provide safety and comply with pool laws while adding another style element to your landscaping.
  • follow Safety covers – A safety cover that complies with state and federal pool safety laws is a critical part of making your pool safe. A compliant pool safety cover will keep children and pets from getting into your pool when it is installed and used correctly. We install pool covers that meet safety performance requirements.
  • Locking covers for hot tubs – The best way to ensure that no one suffers an accident in your spa or hot tub is to install and use a locking cover. We encourage you to follow these spa safety guidelines.
  • source Drain covers – All pools built in the United States are required to have a drain cover properly installed over their drains. These covers must comply with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act. Safe pool drain covers are imperative to preventing death by drain entrapment. If you have a pool or hot tub at your home, it is absolutely necessary to learn as much as you can about drain entrapment. Visit for more information.
  • Alarms – We recommend installing gate alarms and in-pool alarms to alert you when anyone enters your pool area or pool.
  • see url Safety ring life preserver and pool safety hook – Keep these and other emergency tools close to your pool at all times.
Having a pool at your home requires a commitment to safety. Please learn all you can about how to prevent drowning and non-fatal submersions.

Lighting and Pool Safety

Not only does landscape lighting beautify your outdoor space, it also provides safety around your pool after dark. Berriz can design a lighting concept that creates a clear demarcation of your pool and the hardscape around it to help prevent accidents. And, rest assured, any and all lighting around and inside your pool will be installed to meet the strictest safety standards.

Designing Safe Pools in Florida and the Metro DC Area

If you are interested in adding a pool to your South Florida or Metro DC home, contact Berriz Design.
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