Using Luxury Tile in Your Remodel

Make your remodeled kitchen or bath one of a kind by using luxury tile. There are nearly unlimited varieties and shades to choose from, and tile goes with every style—Tuscan, traditional, French country, mid-century modern, eclectic, or wholly original! Here are some tile style ideas to get you inspired.

Hit the Big Time with Large Scale Tile

For a spacious room that needs some drama, marble or other large-scale tile makes an impression—on the floor or on the walls. Popular in kitchens and bathrooms, marble, travertine, and slate are available in styles and colors to suit any décor.

Miniature Magic: Small Tiles

A design worked in very small tiles can create a grand statement. Mini varieties of hexagonal, “matchstick,” subway, and penny tiles can be put together in mosaics or patterns to craft a wall or floor. Fish-scale and “lantern” shape tiles are becoming more popular in bathrooms, and they are particularly stunning in powder rooms, where smaller walls and floors allow the tile work to take center stage, even in neutral shades.

Gorgeous Glass

Glass tile has multifaceted appeal. At first glance, it glints in one color, at the second, a slightly different shade emerges. When the light hits it, it turns brilliantly luminous, and in shades of blue and green, it becomes a tranquil ocean within which one can get lost. And its reflective qualities can help a small room look bigger and brighter. Glass tiles can also add a little glimmer when used as accents within flat-finish tiles.

Metal Magic

Metal tile can transcend diner style and elevate a kitchen to new heights. Matte and brushed finishes in a multitude of shapes and sizes are available to create sleek, modern looks with personality.

Luxe it Up with Leather Tile

Yes, leather. Suitable for both walls and floors, leather tile adds sophisticated warmth to rooms large and small, and can even be used in a bathroom. Leather tile does require additional maintenance, but it won’t look like anything your neighbors have.

Craft a Custom Look

If you have a tile idea in your head that you haven’t been able to find in real life, you can get custom tiles made in nearly any color, shape, or texture you want. And if you want to create a focal point with a custom mosaic, Berriz can source a tile artist to create it for you. Of course, ceramic and porcelain tile have solid reputations for beauty and reliability. Once you have a look in mind, your remodeler can work with you to bring it to life. To see what Berriz does, please browse our portfolio of remodeling projects in Metro DC and Florida. Blog posts you may be interested in: How Much Do Indoor Renovations Cost? The pricing for indoor renovations varies widely based on the complexity of the remodel. Interior projects often involve wiring, insulation, and structural changes that require additional expertise and can significantly increase cost. Read on to learn more about our standard interior pricing, or contact Berriz Design now to discuss your project. How Much Does it Cost to Remodel a Kitchen? Kitchen remodeling projects start at $50,000, not including appliances. For projects in the $50,000 to $65,000 range, you can expect […] If you are looking for a Northern Virginia remodeling contractor , call Berriz Design at 703.552.7565​ or complete our online request form.

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