Wine Cellar Styles

While you can build a wine cellar in any style you wish, we have found that there are generally two main camps when it comes to cellar dwellers: old-world French and modern.

French-Style Wine Cellars

A rustic, French-style wine cellar allows you to feel like you’ve stepped out of your current day-to-day into a 200-year old catacomb that has never seen the light of day. In wine cellars we have built, we have used several elements to create that atmosphere:

Modern-Style Wine Cellars

A modern wine cellar is sleek, shiny, and usually a bit brighter than its rustic French counterpart. These cellars tend to be spare and unadorned, with features like:

Things to Consider When Planning Your Wine Cellar

  • Will you entertain in your cellar or is it just for storage? Do you want a big, statement-making table for parties, or a small surface for tastings?
  • Is your collection growing or are you keeping it at about the same size—how much space will you need for additional bottles?
  • How much light do you want? Of course you need enough to find bottles and read labels, but if you’ll be entertaining in your wine cellar, you might consider a chandelier or other larger fixture. No matter how much light you decide on, LED lamps are a must—they emit little heat and no harmful UV rays, which can negatively affect the quality of your wine.

Wine Cellar Design Photos

Please browse our portfolio of wine cellar photos to see examples of our wine cellar remodeling in Northern Virginia.

Wine Cellar Design and Installation in the D.C. Metro

Rustic French and minimal modern aren’t the only styles in the wine cellar game. If you’ve got a unique vision for your cellar, go for it! Take a page from Graceland, Fallingwater, or the Taj Mahal and make it your own!

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