Weatherproof Sunrooms

If you live in a part of the country that has cold winters, like the mid-Atlantic, and you’re adding a sunroom to your home, consider making it weatherproof. A weatherproof or all-season sunroom is designed and constructed to be warm enough to enjoy even in the chill of late fall and winter.

What Makes a Sunroom Weatherproof?

o   Ceramic tile is the option we typically recommend, as it is extremely durable, resists stains and moisture, and comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes. o   Concrete floors are another popular choice for sunrooms. To be used as a weatherproof option, concrete should be installed with a vapor barrier underneath it. o   Indoor-outdoor area rugs can be used to warm up ceramic or tile floors.
  • Ceilings – A cathedral ceiling is ideal for a sunroom and it can be installed with insulated skylights to bring in more sunshine while keeping out the cold—and providing a nighttime view of the stars. Ceiling fans are a must for any type of sunroom ceiling, as they help keep the room cool in the summer and, when their rotation is reversed, help move heat down towards the floor during winter.
  • HVAC – To ensure total comfort year-round, you can have a heating system installed in your sunroom. You can add ducts to connect to your home’s existing HVAC—unless doing so would overtax the system. Another option would be to install a ductless mini-split system or a smaller separate unit just for the sunroom.
  • valtrex coupons Fireplace – A fireplace will make your sunroom a cozy destination during the fall and winter months. If you can’t add a chimney, a gas or electric fireplace will do the trick just as well.

Sensational Sunrooms Whatever the Weather

The charm of an all-season, or weatherproof, sunroom is that it allows you to enjoy the views of your property year-round while staying comfortable inside. Weatherproof sunrooms are a more significant investment than traditional screened porches, but they are worth the time and cost. If you are interested in adding a sunroom to your D.C. or Florida home, please take a look at our sunroom design ideas.
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