Don’t Let Weather Destroy Your Landscaping

Whether it is due to global warming, or not, if you don’t have your landscaping done properly, the storms you experience throughout the year could completely ruin your yard. While you can’t prevent the storms, you can set your landscaping up so that at least some of the potential storm damage is reduced. Professional landscape companies in northern Virginia can help. Believe it or not, one of the most damaging aspects of the weather is water. When water pools, or rages through all the wrong places, it can destroy your yard. Professional northern Virginia landscape companies are well aware of the weather that you experience, so they can help you come up with a design that is not only elegant, but which serves to drain the water away from your home and areas of your yard where it could do the most damage. For example, if you want a fountain in your yard, you may not want it at the lowest point, because the water eventually ends up there, instead of draining away from it. If your home is on a hill or incline, your landscaping can follow that hill or incline so that a natural drain is created. You can also install a small wall to create a path for the water where you want it to go. Don’t forget about the lighting, either. Small, cheap lights are easily destroyed. Replacing them multiple times a year can add up to more than you would have spent on quality lighting installed by professionals
Bob Berriz has consistently come up with creative design ideas to create and enhance living spaces. We highly recommend this company for any remodeling project, basements, kitchens, porches, additions and garage organization. Berriz Design is a one-stop contractor. We are very grateful for their beautiful work.

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