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My name is Bob Berriz. As founder of Berriz Design, I bring the Havana tradition of fine taste to Washington DC Area patrons. My family moved from to Spain to Cuba in the 1920s, then relocated to the United States after the revolution.

“My family came to this country not knowing how to read or write English. Within five years, we were successfully supporting their families.” I and other members of my entrepreneurial lineage were featured in “It Runs in the Family” — a feature in the September 25, 2006 issue of BusinessWeek magazine.

Beyond my ability to instill the good life at your home, our team does something unique for our industry — we eliminate the snags and delays you would normally assoicate with hiring, evaluating and working with a home remodeling or landscape contractor.

Do you seek showcase living space — a new kitchen, bath, basement, wine cellar, patio, landscape, pool, cabana or outdoor living space? Let me say straight away that it’s absolutely possible to get things completed properly the first time — without hidden charges and frustration. Regardless of the complexity of the work, we always follow a proven, cost-saving process — with detailed planning and old world craftsmanship as cornerstones of our success.

If you’ve grown accustomed to some level of anxiety when selecting and working with a contractor in your home, then it’s time for a change. Below are there areas I recommend you consider in your evaluation of every remodeling or landscape contractor you meet:

  • Ability to balance your vision with fresh ideas;
  • Reputation and general stability of the company;
  • Experience and methodology — how likely is a smooth project?
  • Service Record — how they operate before, during and after a project

I encourage you to review our website carefully. Prior to meeting with us, I recommend that you visit the IdeaBoard tab, search “consumer guide and installation process” and download your copy. This and other information will prove invaluable guidance during your search for a qualified contractor.

Our industry is highly competitive, so I can certainly appreciate that you have ample choices in the Washington DC metropolitan area. I realize what it takes to earn your business and ensure outstanding results for your home. Our team will help you to avoid the mistakes that can otherwise plague a remodeling or landscape project.

Thank you for your time and attention today. We look forward to answering your questions and advancing the ball forward.

Bob Berriz, Director
Berriz Design


P.S. Don’t forget to ask me about our 2-Year Warranty on Labor AND Installation. It’s two times longer than the industry standard. If you’re curious whether Berriz Design is your perfect-fit firm, then please call us at 703.552.7565 to schedule a free initial consultation.

If you are looking for a Metro D.C. & South Florida Remodeling Contractor then please call
703.552.7565 or complete our online request form.

Berriz Design was not the least expensive quote we received, but it offered far and way the best value for our money. We got so much more than a cabana…we got a new outdoor way of life. Bob functioned like our partner, not just our contractor.

Barry L. – Warrenton, VA

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