Change Orders

Changes are an expected part of any remodeling project. Over our 18 years in business, we’ve developed techniques that make the inevitability of changes easier on our clients. It’s important, so we work hard at it. While changes are often unavoidable, the unanticipated changes Berriz Design clients experience (less than 2% of total cost) are far fewer than the 10% that the construction industry averages nationwide. Berriz Design uses written “change orders” to detail one of three conditions discovered during the course of a project: clarifications, deletions or additional requests. The following is a description of each of these types of conditions:
  • “Clarifications” are used to specify a product, color, sheen, dimension, or other qualifying characteristic of an item previously only described in general but that is now made specific in the contract with no financial impact.
  • “Deletions” are used when there has been a reduction in either scope or cost of the project. For example, you may change your mind on a product selection and no longer need it installed. The contract is adjusted and you are credited accordingly.
  • “Additional Requests” are used for a variety of reasons: additional work, an upgrade in materials, an additional requirement that is code or safety-related, or an unknown or below-code condition.
Based on our past experience, we recommend that you reserve (plan on) 2% of the contract price for unknown conditions. You should reserve another 8% for upgrades and additional work that you may want to have happen “while we are there.” You’d be surprised at how your “honey-do” list grows when you have superb craftspeople in your home – making wonderful things happen at every turn in the work.

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“Seriously, I looked over many contractors, and chose you for two reasons - the designs I saw online and referenced, and more important, the individual you are.  The character, the integrity, and the personality. We love the kitchen, and I truly believe it is a great example of what creative minds can do together. I look forward to doing more. All the best to you and  your team.”  

Mike Chilton – McLean, VA

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