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Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Berriz can create custom outdoor fireplaces for any taste or style. We build fireplaces on patios, porches, decks, and in all other outdoor living spaces.

Some popular outdoor fireplaces include:


Freestanding outdoor fireplaces can be built in stone (stacked, rough-cut, cobblestone), brick, concrete, stucco, and tile. They are a good choice for large living areas.


Also good for larger outdoor living spaces, a two-sided outdoor fireplace (also known as “see-thru”) creates two cozy areas—great for parties!


Triple the warmth with three places to heat up.

Hot tub or poolside

Go for the height of luxury with a hot tub fireplace that makes for relaxing nights outside. If you’ve got a heated pool, a swim-up fireplace means more laps after dark.

Outdoor Fireplace Styles

We’ve built many outdoor fireplaces in Northern Virginia in dozens of styles and materials, and we’ll work with you to design a fireplace that suits your tastes and fits into your landscape. You can choose from a number of outdoor fireplace materials:


One of the most popular and versatile materials for outdoor fireplaces, stone is durable and beautiful.

  • Stacked stone – Go rustic or modern with flat, stacked stones.
  • Cobblestone – For a pastoral look that blends with nearly any décor, cobblestones hit the mark.
  • Rough-cut stone – Rugged rough-cut stone makes a dramatic impression.


A perennial favorite, brick is the chameleon of outdoor fireplace materials, fitting in to any style or design. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and design your own one-of-a-kind configuration—herringbone, chevron, or other patterns.


Another material than can go sleek or rugged, stucco’s subtle coloring lets your outdoor décor shine.


Mostly used as a decorative accent on a brick, stone, or stucco outdoor fireplace, tile can add an artistic focal point or a touch of personality to your outdoor arrangement.


Poured concrete is gaining favor as an outdoor fireplace material, particularly in modern landscapes.

Northern Virginia Fire Pits

Is an in-ground fire pit more your style? Berriz can design built-in fire pits in stone, brick, and other materials.

Outdoor Fireplace Fuel Sources

There are three ways to fuel an outdoor fireplace:


Natural gas outdoor fireplaces need little maintenance, but do require access to a gas line.


Using propane to fuel your outdoor fireplace requires piping the liquid propane from a tank.


Wood-burning outdoor fireplaces are popular among homeowners who love the aroma of a campfire and the sound of crackling flames.

Berriz Design builds fireplaces to suit the fuel source of your choice.

Why Choose Berriz Design for Your Outdoor Fireplace?

At Berriz Design, our mission is to improve the quality of your life through our remodeling services. If you are looking to add luxury and comfort to your outdoor living areas, contact us about designing a fireplace for your patio, deck, outdoor kitchen, or other exterior structure. We will listen to your wishes, offer useful ideas, and create an inspirational design that captures your style and provides the ambiance you desire.

You’ve spent so much time and money making your outdoors just an enjoyable as the interior of your home–so don’t let the cold keep you from enjoying it! Call Berriz to discuss your outdoor fireplace today.

Berriz Design guarantees lasting quality on every remodeling project. For your peace of mind, we offer a two-year warranty on labor and installation. From concept through construction, you can rest assured that our creative enthusiasm will lead to your complete satisfaction. We want you to experience how fine the good life looks at your home.

When you’re ready to build an outdoor fireplace at your Northern Virginia home, please call Berriz at 703.552.7565 or contact us via the online form on the right of the page.

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