Every step in our budgeting process is engineered to help our customers maintain as much control and understanding as possible. Surprises are undesirable, and we do everything in our power to eliminate them. There are three stages of the project where budgeting is visited.

Initial Meeting

Beginning a project with Berriz Design entails a first meeting — an in-depth conversation about the scope of work, the problems you are hoping to solve and any budgeting you may have established. Our designer will take this information and create a detailed estimate to help you start and stay on target.

Conceptual Design and Proposal

The next step in the budgeting process (once in the design process has also begun) is to prepare a conceptual design and proposal. This will include existing and proposed schematic floorplans and exterior elevation drawings. Provided early in the design process, this estimate typically falls within about 20% of the final construction fixed price — assuming that the design details and scope do not change as the project develops.

Fixed Construction Price

Finally, we develop a fixed construction price from the finalized conceptual design. Included are revisions (as necessary) and complete specifications. Your Berriz Design remodeling team — designer, project manager and major subcontractors — all will visit the site before the final contract is prepared. This eliminates the persistence of unknown variables and conditions that can later plague a project. It also greatly reduces the number of surprises that can occur during construction.

Unknown conditions in the construction industry can cost the consumer an additional 10%. Berriz Design “unknowns” typically represent less than 2%. The fixed price construction contract will include detailed specifications, a start and completion date, payment schedule, and other logistical details that are specific to your project.

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We have worked with Bob Berriz of Berriz Design on 4 different projects over the past 20 years. We have only worked with Bob because he has extraordinary conceptual and design skills and very high standards, is incredibly responsive, creative and full of ideas and options to meet your needs, stays actively engaged throughout implementation, is exceedingly resourceful in solving problems, uses only the highest quality materials, charges a fair and reasonable price, and is totally committed to your full satisfaction with the results.

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