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At Berriz Design, we want to be your source for all things remodeling and design-build. Wondering how the remodeling process will go? Have questions about pricing? Check here! If you don’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call at 703.552.7565 or contact us. Our Remodeling Process Find out what to expect when you hire Berriz Design. We do things a little differently than your average remodeler. Pricing for Remodeling Projects: Fixed and “Unknown” Learn about the way we price our work. Unlike many remodeling firms, we involve you in the process from the very beginning. How We Deal with Change Orders Change happens. Unforeseen issues come up and new opportunities present themselves. Discover how we accommodate changes in our projects. The Berriz Design Remodeling Blog We love to talk about remodeling and design ideas. Check out our blog for information, inspiration, and insider tips!
We really love our veranda and patio fire pit, and have received compliments on these from everyone that visits us. The design is absolutely perfect for our yard and now we have a fantastic place for entertaining outdoors.

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