Second-Story Home Additions
Could your home use more room up top? Expanding your home’s second floor is often the best way to create additional space. At Berriz Design, we have extensive experience planning and constructing second-floor room additions. Call Berriz today at 703.552.7565 to schedule a consultation about your second-story home addition.

Types of Second-Floor Additions

In general, there are three basic ways to build up:
  1. Take off the roof and build an entirely new second level
  2. Remove the roof (leaving the edging) frame out a second level, then replace the roof
  3. Build over a porch or garage
The type of second-story addition you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the architectural and structural limits of your home, zoning and building codes in your area, and your own needs and preferences.

What to Do With Your Second-Floor Addition

Berriz clients have had us build second-story additions for:
  • Deluxe master suites
  • Children’s bedrooms
  • Playrooms
  • Home theaters
  • Rec rooms
  • Home offices
  • Home gyms
  • Guest quarters
We’d love to hear how you want to use your new space!

Benefits of Building Up Instead of Out

Adding space vertically has several advantages.
  • Your costs can be lower, since one of the more expensive elements of construction—building a foundation—is unnecessary.
  • You won’t be sacrificing outdoor space for indoor space.
  • You may be able to increase the ceiling heights in first-floor rooms.
  • You can add new windows, increasing your views and allowing more light into your home.

Things to Consider When Building a Second-Story Addition

Building on top of an existing home presents some unique issues.
  • terramycin Possible height restrictions. Your city, county, or municipality may restrict the height of homes within its boundaries. The team at Berriz Design is always up to date on the codes and restrictions in our service areas and will build to comply with them.
  • watch Increased need for structural support. We will assess your home’s foundation before we begin planning your second-story addition to ensure that it can support the added weight. If your existing foundation isn’t strong enough, we can reinforce the foundation, walls, and other supports.
  • source site Maintaining proportions and visual continuity. It’s important to match windows, roof pitch, siding, trim, and other architectural elements as much as possible. You want the addition to look like a natural extension of your home.

Do Second-Floor Additions Add Value?

In most cases, you can expect to recoup about 71 percent of the cost of the addition when you sell your home, depending on your neighborhood and other considerations.

Build a Two-Story Addition on Your Home

Berriz Design has been building extensions and additions on fine homes throughout the Metro DC area for more than two decades. Now we are pleased to bring our design and construction expertise to South Florida. Call us at 703.552.7565 to learn more about our second-floor addition services and to schedule a consultation.
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