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On Timeless Design

Northern Virginia Remodeling Design

Just as people change, so too do architectural styles. This can present a challenge. While a decade-old design was trendy upon completion, it most likely has become a dinosaur over time. That’s because the decision to pursue something that’s trendy is to set the expectation that you will need to revisit the plan at some point in the no-so-distant future. Many homeowners don’t focus on this at the time.

Often dark and out of sync with today’s sensibilities, older homes will often lack the energy and functional aesthetics that more modern design affords. Berriz Design can breathe rejuvenating life back into a matured home — while maintaining the architectural integrity of the original dwelling This is achieved through timeless design. Sometimes, the process involves opening up the floorplan for increased flow and light. Other times, it can mean replacing old fixtures and other finishes with more stylish, timeless products.


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